Letter: Reader calls for support of Canadians detained in China

Two innocent Canadians are presently being held in China in a brutal prison.

They are hostages and pawns in an escalating diplomatic and trade dispute.

Their photos are often seen on TV news reports.

Acting under international law, and at the request of the United States, Canada, on her arrival in Vancouver, detained Chinese national Meng Wanzhou on December 1.

She is wanted in the U.S on multiple charges, including bank fraud, money laundering and obstruction of justice, related to her work as chief financial officer of the Chinese telecom giant Huawei.

Meng is presently under house arrest in her ultra comfortable $5- million mansion in Vancouver, awaiting her extradition trial scheduled for January.

Just ten days after her detention, China arrested and detained two Canadians in Beijing, Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, and has held them without trial, in dungeon-like conditions ever since.

They are being seriously mistreated, with the lights in their cells on 24/7, facing daily interrogation and Kovrig has had his glasses taken.

If you’ve read anything about prisons in communist China you know they are in serious jeopardy.

Our federal government is frozen in indecision.

The Chinese do not understand or appreciate diplomatic politeness.

They are not impressed with good looks, well combed hair, swagger, selfies, and political correctness.

They have described our Prime Minister in this situation, as being naïve; which is not the best grounds to move this impasse to a successful resolution.

As the Toronto Sun says, “Let’s get Canada fired up about the two Michaels’.

Get angry! Tell Ottawa and the PMO you’re angry- pm@pm.gc.ca

And tell China’s embassy in Ottawa you’re angry. Tel: 613. 789-3434 Ext 0

Call or email our MP Neil Ellis –

Perhaps if Ms. Weng was moved to less luxurious surroundings, it might get the serious attention of the Chinese government.

-Robert C. Wilson,