Letter: Tearing down already erected wind turbines make little sense

Do you want your children and grandchildren to live on an overheated and dying planet?

The recent decision of the Ontario government to demolish the wind turbines near Milford puts us on track for such a terrible outcome.

A 26-year study cited in the Guardian newspaper reports that carbon emissions from overheated soils and oceans could trigger an unstoppable rise in temperature in the Earth’s atmosphere and on the planet’s surface.

What this means is that unless we soon stop burning gas, oil and other fossil fuels, our world is predicted to become uninhabitable.

To avoid catastrophe, we need to immediately switch to clean sources of energy such as wind turbines.

Destroying the windmills sends the wrong message.

It will be costly and wasteful to deconstruct the wind turbines.

Large trucks and machines will spew out additional carbon and create difficulties for County residents.

In addition, it is estimated that the decommissioning of the turbines will cost taxpayers $ 100 million.

We will soon need the clean energy that the wind turbines could produce as the IESO predicts an electricity shortage by 2023.

The bottom line is that it makes no sense, environmentally, economically or in the long-term to tear down the turbines.

The government’s decision is a huge mistake.

This bad decision will have serious and lasting consequences for County residents and everyone in Ontario.

-Rod Holloway,