Stories from our past July 18, 2019

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • The gods who control the lighting chains and the thunderbolts went on a rampage last night when passed over Prince Edward, the most terrific electrical storm that’s occurred in many years. It struck Picton forewarned by a miniature cyclone at ten o’clock.
  • The maximum for salaries of the public school board at it’s monthly meeting on Monday night. Miss Batton, the directress of the Kindergarten had asked that her salary be raised to $400, which started the salary discussion.
  • Some of our young people attended the social at Carrying Place Wednesday evening and all report it the banner social of the season. There was a very large crowd present and the receipts totalled $59.


  • The scholars of the schools are all home now to enjoy their summer vacation in various ways but many of the “poor” teachers who have labored hard teaching the past ten months, go to school for the next six or eight weeks to be “taught” the finer tactics of the new course of education.
  • Word has been received from the Attorney General’s office that a Provincial Police officer will not be stationed here as planned. This action is due to a protest by the County Council who stated they were satisfied with the present policing.
  • Several persons report seeing a rainbow at 11:30 on Friday night. There was a full moon at the time and the arc was complete, colors being very bright.


  • The Wellington playground will be open again this year from July 14th to August 8th. The leaders this year are Nancy Foster, Donna Campbell and Sandra Campbell. The fee for children living in town is $1 and out of town children $1.50.
  • Two county ladies have won in a “Favorite Recipe” contest. Mrs. Nettie Pocilujko, R. 2 Picton, won first prize ($50) for her original beet jelly, while Miss Joyce Wood R. 1 Ameliasburgh, won second prize of $25 for her gooseberry-strawberry jam.
  • Rushing any job may cost more time than it saves. Hal Wright, Farm Safety Specialist, Ontario Department of Agriculture and Food recommends that before a machine is used the safety instructions that go with it be read carefully and time taken to carry them out.


  • Celebrating life lived to it’s fullest, members of the Bloomfield Seniors Citizen Club held a special supper Monday evening to honor members over 80 years of age and couples married over one-half century.
  • The Picton and District Tennis Club is back. Last year there was no club but this yeat they have two tournaments planned so far.
  • There’ll be a special umpire for the ball game between Sophiasburgh Firemen and the Intermediate Girls on Wednesday at 8 p.m. at Demorestville Ball Park. Hockey player Bobby Hull will be officiating.