Trees without fees coming to Loyalist Parkway lots

(Desirée Decoste/Gazette Staff)




Residents living along Loyalist Parkway in Prince Edward County will have the opportunity to apply for free tree plantings this fall.

Advancing their aim to replace trees that were removed and tree planting expansion, the Loyalist Parkway Association is offering native tree planting(s) to landowners along its route.

Qualifications to get one or more are simple- if you own property bordering the Loyalist Parkway and have a suitable site within 10 feet of the roadway, the LPA will supply and plant Sugar Maple or Red Oak sapling(s) complete with mulch and stem protectors.

A “suitable site” is a location free from overhead utilities, has sufficient soil depth and space to grow.

“The requirements of the Municipality are to meet and cooperate with the LPA representative  and select locations for tree planting(s), that’s it,” said Ernie Margetson, County Council representative on the LPA. “They will stake the locations, obtain the planting stock and plant the trees.”

The trees will begin their lives with a healthy start by being professionally planted on your property with proper mulch placed at the roots.

It will be the responsibility of the landowner to weed and water the tree(s) to ensure its initial year of life will give the root system a chance to be well established.

The site for the tree(s) must be clearly marked and to allow space for additional plantings which will be 35 feet apart.

The LPA is encouraging planting Red Oak as an alternative to Maple even though oak is slower growing. Oak withstands disease and rot far better than maple and will be less likely to need trimming and pruning in the long run.

Placing the tree(s) inside the property line will help prevent its misuse as a fence or sign post and will avoid conflict with in-ground utilities as well as allow more space for grass trimming between the tree and fences on the lot line.

“The budget for the previous years have been lost but there is an allocation to plant 75 trees (red oak/sugar maple) this fall 2019, all within Prince Edward County,” Margetson stated. “Based on annual budget allocations to this group this would seem like good value if we accept the tree planting offer.”

To apply for free tree(s) plantings the applications must be sent by either email at or old fashioned letter mail.

Letters can be addressed to Pat Heffernan, Acting Director Operational Services with the Corporation of the County of Prince Edward, 332 Main St. Picton ON K0K 2T0.

Make sure to enclose all contact information name, telephone number, mailing and email address, 911 number and lot number if possible.

Closing date for applications will be August 15, 2019 and planting will begin taking place in September or October 2019.