Info for Seniors: Beat the Heat with advice from Health Canada

So far this year it seems we’ve had intense heat off and on.

It’s important to remember that extreme heat (or heat waves) can affect your health.

This can be especially true for people who have existing medical conditions, are taking certain medications, or have mobility challenges.

Older adults and their caregivers should make sure they recognize the symptoms of heat-related illnesses.

These symptoms include dizziness, nausea, rapid breathing or rapid heartbeat.

Heat stroke is a medical emergency and requires immediate attention.

Often heat-related illnesses and death can be prevented.

Health Canada has released a brochure entitled “It’s way too hot! Protect Yourself from Extreme Heat”.

Targeted to older adults, the brochure clarifies knowing the risks, and how to protect against heat and health impacts.

During periods of extreme heat, the County of Prince Edward will open “cooling stations”.

These are announced on social media and on the County website at

For more information, contact the County of Prince Edward at 613-476-2148 ext. 1023, 613-962-9108 ext. 1023, or

Community Care has ordered some hard copies of the Health Canada pamphlet.

For more information on how to protect health from extreme heat, visit Extreme Heat on the Healthy Canadians website at

Remember that you can use a computer at any County Library if you don’t have one at home.

There’s lots going on at the County Seniors Centre in every Town Hall in The County.

Check for information.  Call 613-476-7493.

If you have a Community Care membership, you will receive regular updates.

Get active, make friends and be well.

Debbie MacDonald Moynes