Letter: Summer a short, profitable window for businesses

Whine,whine whine…seriously?

Patios in Prince Edward County are kept very tidy, clean and add to their wonderful businesses.

My goodness, it’s only for a few months.

Really, those few parking spots are really going to make a difference?

Have you ever been in a line up on a hot day or any day to get into any of these places?

Yes, Picton is old and changing but that’s life. It’s a tourist town, it’s 2019, get over it.

What’s the next ridiculous complaint?

How about we worry about some bigger issues as in the horrible roads we all have to drive such as County Rd. 49 or County Rd 18.

Summer is the time for all the little towns shops, wineries, cideries, breweries, art galleries and restaurants to shine and make money.

Move on, people.

Barb Reed,