Council oversight needed for Millennium Trail plan

On behalf of the residents around Novotny Court, near Consecon:

We were stunned by the latest plan about the Millennium Trail.

It shows parking lot literary within a few meters of the houses. All of us chose our residences because they were quiet and private.

We ask, why there is a need for a parking lot in our backyards when there is one planed at Salem Road, less than a kilometre from here? Also, this Millennium Trail committee is an ad hoc creation, not elected and thus not answerable to the population.

We ask and demand that the elected council, which is answerable and paid for by us, looks into this.

It is time to pay more attention to the residents than to chase the elusive visitor’s dollars. Visitors indeed bring in the money but we residents pay the taxes and live here all year around.

It is our right in a democracy to see the council plans, so next time we will know whom to vote against.

Les Baraz