Author Aric McBay to speak at Picton Town Hall

Kingston area farmer and activist Aric McBay. (




‘Building Movements and Fighting to Win’ is the subject of the first edition in the latest book ‘Full Spectrum Resistance‘ penned by activist, farmer and author Aric McBay.

Exactly nine years to the day he was part of one of Ontario’s largest acts of civil dissidence (A road blockade to protest the closure of the prison farm at the Kingston area penitentiaries in Collins Bay and Joyceville),  McBay will be at Picton Town Hall speaking about his latest literary effort Thursday evening.

The event starts at 7 p.m. and is free to attend although everyone is invited to arrive earlier at 5:30 p.m. for a free community meal hosted by Food Not Bombs.

In terms of the blockade, hundreds of protestors blocked a roadway as part of the Save the Prison Farms campaign in Kingston and McBay was one of them.

Along with that protest, the activist also coordinated the Community on Watch Station (COWS) and  McBay is featured in the related documentary ‘Til the Cows Come Home‘ a documentary produced by County resident and past municipal councillor Lenny Epstein.

“In a time when human rights and our living planet are under attack,” McBay said. “Only powerful social movements and resistance movements can fight back and ensure a future of social and environmental justice.”

McBay’s two volume book leads readers through key lessons of movements through history and around the world.Full of stirring case studies and practical checklists, it showcases the hard won lessons that movement for justice and freedom have learned. Volume one provides practical terms of how movements organize and succeed and explores how they approach political struggle, recruit members and structure themselves to get things done and be safe.

Volume two lays out how movements develop critical capacities and how they plan and carry out successful actions and campaigns. These will be the basis for his presentation.

“The talk by Aric (McBay) will inspire us and make us more effective, help us fight and win struggles not only for the planet but for justice and equality,” said presentation organizer Christine Renaud

A question and answer session will follow the presentation and books will be available for sale.

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