Stories from our past August 1, 2019

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…



  • Taxpayers who rejoice in a low tax rate can join hands and circle round in one glorious war dance for the tax rate is to be lower, this year than last. At Monday night’s meeting of the council–the regular conclave for Aug.–the town fathers struck the rate for 1909 at 19 1-2 mills. Last year the rate was 23 mills.
  • Thomas Kerr, King street, has soem hens, and the other day one of them displayed her ability to lay a big egg. Now Mr. Kerr is proudly showing “hen fruit” that weights 4 1-4 oz. From tip to tip the egg measures 9 inches. We know it; cause we saw it.
  • Mr. S. E. Mastin is confined to the house again from a painful limb. Mrs. Mastin is also quite indisposed and with his invalid mother making their home into a miniature hospital. A speedy recovery is hoped for.


  • Donald Young and Jimmy Quackenbush have been working in the canning factory at Consecon where 200 cans of peas were canned in one minute on Saturday.
  • Mrs. S. Hart and son have picked over 8,000 quart boxes of strawberries off one-and-one-half acres. Who can beat this?
  • A fine new building to house their plant at Wellington is to be erected by Hogg & Lytle. This building, 40 by 60 feet, will be erected between their elevator and coal shed, so that grain from the elevator can be poured direct into the milling plant. Arthur Pope of Picton has the contract and Walter Nelson is manager.


  • Crowned Miss and Mr. Playground for 1969 were Kelli Miller, aged six and Andrew Boyd, aged seven. Each playground selected a candidate with the finals held at Talent Night.
  • Prince Edward County Board of Education has ordered five new portable classrooms for schools at Kente, Massassaga, Wellington and North Marysburgh.
  • An additional sign to warn motorists of the East Lake – Cherry Valley road intersection at Woodrous Corners was approved by County Council. In the past, some of those travelling west on the East Lake road have failed to make the stop and driven into the yard at the Mayhew home.


  • Cherry Valley – The village has a new ‘yellow stripe’, but it’s okay, the road gang was through the Valley last week and the equipment painted a nice new stripe of yellow paint down the centre of the road at various points.
  • Picton Mayor Don King has had his home phone connected to a telephone answering service. The mayor feels he should be available to the taxpayers as much as possible.
  • The welfare case load on Prince Edward County is down by three over June of 1978, but costs of support families has soared by almost $10,000.