Millenium Trail Plan has oversight, opportunity for public input

Mr Baraz is misinformed in his Letter to the Editor (Council oversight needed for Millenium Trail plan, Aug. 1, 2019 The Picton Gazette).

The Ad Hoc Committee is an official Committee of Council tasked in 2018 with completing the resurfacing of the Millennium Trail under the direction of County Staff with oversight by Council.

Novotny Court was selected as a potential staging area by County staff over three years ago prior to the existence of this Committee.

Work is not expected to begin on Staging areas without public input. The public members of the Ad Hoc Committee are part of a group that has raised overhead $150,000 in public funds and put in close to 1000 hours of volunteer time on the Millennium Trail project.

Patrick “Bear” Maloney,
Ad Hoc Committee.
Chair – Prince Edward County Trails Committee