Public should be wary of door-to-door scams

Beware of new door-to-door sales scams.

Door-to-door sales of products like home insulation and pot lights are still taking place!

Last year the law stopped door-to-door sales of products like furnaces, air conditioners, water purifies/softeners and air purifiers. But the law does not stop companies from selling other products at your door.

There needs to be a complete ban on all door-to-door sales.

Companies still use sneaky sales tactics to sell these new products at your door. Be aware that these products have an extremely high price mark-up over what you might pay at the store or from a local contractor.

The companies who knock on your door usually do not explain the high monthly cost, the amount of time (5-10 years) that you will have to pay, or the fact that they will put a lien on your home.

They use high pressure sales tactics to convince you to sign a contract you don’t understand for products you don’t need or want. If you want to purchase something for your house you should contact a company you know and trust – and do not sign any contracts on your front step!

If you are living on a low income and have signed a contract at your door, contact the Community Advocacy & Legal Centre for advice right away.  Phone: 613-966-8686; TTY (for the Deaf): 613-966-8714 or Email: .

You can also file a complaint against the company with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services at Be sure to act right away when trying to cancel your contract because there are short timelines to revoke them.

The above was written by Danielle Holbrough, Clinic Lawyer with the Community Advocacy & Legal Centre and used with permission.

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Debbie MacDonald Moynes