Too much tourism is killing the charm of Prince Edward County

Tourism over saturation.

Picton’s population is shrinking, yet we can’t find a parking spot. Our stores have huge line-ups because they have trouble finding people to work in them. Our low paid service workers can’t afford an apartment in town.

So, what’s wrong with this picture?


Over tourism VS under-population. Over Short Term Accommodation VS under-home occupancy.

The town can now save money by not advertising the County as a good place to go. Its very good to have tourists visit, it keeps our community vibrant, but lets not over do it.

The value of land keeps rising and people who work here can’t afford to live here.  Our streets are jammed, as are our restaurants, parking lots, rooms and stores.

The County is losing its charm, adopting big city traits, you know, the things that people try to get away from and look for a place like the County.

The “buy to rent investors” are not charged enough to compensate for the loss to the County’s charm.

Everyone thinks bigger is better but it just keeps nibbling away at the County’s enjoyment of life.

Bigger is just plain ‘badder. ‘

Brian Mellor Picton