Advertisement leaves more questions than answers

In another local newspaper in its July 18″ edition,a full page ad extols the benefits of a new sex pill.

The advertisement headed “A new sex pill takes the spotlight” .

It will sell for less than $1 and won’t require a prescription.

We all know newspapers need advertisements but I find this one offensive. It’s not just because it covers a whole page and it’s there every week to remind me, but where is the etiquette, a word hardly seems to fit?

I mean, why is it necessary to elaborate on how the parts of human anatomy will work so well with this pill?Why the added arousal throughout the day? I wonder if the boss knows about it? And apparently you can pop a pill the same time as your partner with still even more benefits.

My concerns are 1) Shouldn’t the provider have the user refer to a pharmacist or other medical professional before embarking on this program to ensure it’s safe for your aging grandmother or grandfather who might have heart arythmia or be on a pacemaker or other health issue?

And 2) at that price, will it become too readily available for those who are just at the beginning of relationships?

Hope I haven’t taken too much fun out of it.

Frank Sargeant