More carbon in the County indicative of wrong direction

A few years ago we had neighbors, we knew them, their families, talked over the fence and helped each other out.

Now we have 10-12 part time Airbnb strangers. We were much more environmentally friendly then with more green spaces that helped out the rest of Canada absorbing their carbon pollution.

Today we are creating much more carbon with all the cars and new homes. Approximately 1,000 new homes coming, paving over carbon absorbing trees and shrubs replacing them with 1,000’s of carbon creating furnaces, air conditioners concrete and tar. With every new furnace you can add two new carbon creating cars and once you pave over trees and shrubs you can never get it back and never lessen the cars.

The County has changed in many little ways such as our old coin operated parking meters, now we have those big city ones that take electricity,ink and more inconvenient walking to settle the bill.

I just do not think we are headed in the right direction.

Brian Mellor