November a chance for BIA, County to honour WWII heroes

August marks the third month in which the BIA and the County of Prince Edward have featured the colourful rainbow flag along Main St. Picton.

The rainbow is a revered ancient symbol which the Bible says  is God’s symbol and promise – “I have set my rainbow in the sky and it will be a covenant between me and the earth” (Genesis  9:13).

So when you see the proud rainbows, remember that it is God’s symbol.

As we move into autumn, I would both suggest and recommend to the BIA and the County, that they honour our heroic veterans who have given so much to preserve our freedoms and way of life.

June 6, 2019  was the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion when one hundred thousand men stormed Hitler’s Atlantic fortress and brought victory and freedom to Europe and the world.

Two Picton men, Woodrow Blakely and Padre Ed Horton were decorated heroes in that campaign.

With the approach of November and Remembrance Day, November 11, I believe that it would be most  appropriate, in the manner of the rainbow flag,  to have the Maple Leaf flag and the Canadian Battle Flag of the invasion, – the Red Ensign, to be flown on Main St. It was the soldier who guaranteed our freedom.

Let’s honour them.

Robert C. Wilson