Stories from our past-August 22, 2019

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…



  • Controversy in the Prince Edward Baseball League has come to an end as an arbitrator has awarded the Currie Cup to Bloomfield. The Wellington entry neglected to file its protest on time and stood by the decision of the appointed representative.
  • Midweek saw an almost hopeless confusion of pipes and the various necessaries attendant upon a $5,000 organ scattered about the auditorium of the First Methodist Church.
  • The Rickerton was a very brilliant scene on Saturday night when its chatelaine, Mrs. B.R. Hepburn, gave a dance for the young girl visitors of Miss Madge Hepburn. A rumour of other out of town visitors were at the affair but couldn’t be confirmed.


  • Picton’s now famous “ghost” has not made itself manifest in any shape or form since it aroused the neighbourhood with its pounding on August 9. A large crowd gathered Thursday evening with hopes of supernatural manifestation but nothing occurred to provide a sensation.
  • A total of 75 farmers gathered at Matthie farm on Bloomfield-Wellington Road Wednesday night to inspect the results of apple orchard cultivation and fertilizer experiments and test plots of new tomato varieties.
  • Northern lights of unusual brilliance flickered in rainbow banners across the sky Friday night, treating observers to a rare colour display.


  • The financial burden of municipal police forces on small municipalities such as Picton has encouraged Town Council to petition the provincial government for amendments to its system of policing.
  • A limited number of selected inmates are available for emergency harvesting this year on request from farmers, Correctional Services Minister Gord Walker announced.
  • The big celebration at Cherry Valley gets under way Sunday when the parade that kicks off the annual Athol Day celebration starts its procession from the north end of the village to the grounds of Athol Central School.


  • A big Maple tree in front of Ed Rolston’s farm at Elmbrook was toppled by the gale around 3:30 Tuesday morning. The toppled tree caused a blockage in the road that was cleared by Sophiasburgh Township workers the following morning.
  • Though the temperature soared into the 90s, the Loyalist Days parade on Saturday on Main Street was watched by a large crowd and many favourable comments were heard.
  • “Get them off welfare and on the payroll”- a slogan quoted by U.S. President Richard Nixon, has the full support of County Warden George Foster. He endorsed this motto at a county council meeting last night.