Stories from our Past – August 29, 2019

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • “We are better off than the people of any other county so far as I have seen, in a matter of crops this year,” says John W. Hyatt. “P. And A. McDonald of West Point, had 400 bushels of fall wheat from nine acres.”
  • The question of selling cheese on the curb, was again aired on the Picton Cheese Board, Friday afternoon. Buyer Crandall urged that both buyer and seller should be expelled from selling on the Board, after any curb transaction.
  • There was a half hour’s electrical storm Tuesday night. The lightning rattled considerably and left some damage in its wake. In front of the residence of Mr. Nelson Ostrander a large maple tree was struck. It was badly shattered.


  • Cherry Valley – Ralph Dodds lost a horse last week from blood poisoning in the leg.
  • The 4th Anti-Aircraft Battery which has been in camp at Point Petre several months, is returning to Kingston next week and the site will be deserted by the end of the month.
  • A rock which is believed to be a portion of a meteor, commonly known as a meteorite, was found this week on the pasture farm of Peter Collier & Sons at Gull Pond, Point Petre. The fifteen-pound rock was picked up by Everett Collier ad left at The Gazette office where it may be seen.


  • During the period Aug. 10 to 16 officers from Picton Detachment investigated seven occurrences. Of these, four were break and enters and one person has been charged in this connection.
  • Population samplings have determined that left handedness runs in families.
  • Picton police department recovered a one-and-a-half horsepower outboard motor Tuesday , 11 days after it was stolen from the back of a station wagon. The missing unit was found in a vacant field at the west end of Picton.


  • One month after Picton’s Finance Supply and Personnel Committee considered a new remuneration policy, council has given three reading to a bylaw establishing setting revised pay rates.
  • The town of Picton will entertain a special guest sometime through September when Glen Picton, a relative of the namesake for whom the town has been named, is to visit.
  • The weatherman smiled down on the ‘Phil Dodds’ Day’ celebration in the village of Cherry Valley, Sunday and helped bring out a crowd of around 3,000 people.