Inspire Program hopes to inspire new applicants

Prince Edward Learning Centre (Sarah Williams/Gazette Staff)


The INSPIRE Program, facilitated through Prince Edward Learning Centre (PELC) is accepting new applicants in September. This federally funded program helps to connect youth looking for work with employers seeking employees.

Over the course of several months, the learning centre supports skill development to help participants with their on-the-job skill set. This could mean helping to cover the cost of coursework to bolster your educational background or even helping to get your driver’s license.

PELC encourages employers to keep participants on even after their INSPIRE contract has ended. INSPIRE can help you find a job that aligns with your interests and your skills and the team at PELC work hard to help you succeed.

PELC’s Employment and Education program, INSPIRE is now accepting new participants, with a program running into December. Youth between the ages of 15-30 may be eligible to join the program and will be helped to find employment in the County. Please contact Jonah at PELC to learn more. 613-476-1811,