PECI Student concerned with online learning

My name is Hope Juscenko and I have spent the last year stressing over post secondary and making sure that I had the required credits for graduation.

Had you asked me in the Spring of Grade 12 what my greatest ambition was, I would have said, “leaving The County”. Despite actually making it and graduating last June, I returned with the other students in the area to PECI on Sept. 3 for more classes.


It’s the connection that I have made with the staff here. The support they have shown me, and I sincerely needed it. The stories that they have told, reminding me that even authority figures are dimensional people. And most importantly, the life they breathe into the subjects they teach.

Ever since kindergarten, teachers have been opening my eyes to the complexities of this vast world. Ontario’s Ministry of Education’s latest reform to education now mandates that secondary students take four online courses throughout their high school years. That is four genuine connections to influential teachers lost. That’s, with the new reformed class sizes, 112 face-to-face conversations with classmates lost.

Previously I have been enrolled in two online classes, neither of which were successful for me and I was unable to complete either of them.

There was no motivation, and even if I had received an ‘A’, it would have been a meaningless accomplishment. I look around at my classmates; the hollowness in many of them. Some, like me, losing faith in their education, not because of their ability but because of the system. I was a shy kid growing up, and am only now appreciating voicing my opinions.

How, in an online format, will budding teens be able to hold their ground in a debate, give a presentation, or collaborate fully with others?

Dear Bay of Quinte MPP Todd Smith, I urge you to do everything within your power to bring life back into the students in our community, to prove to the students like me in your riding that you really do care and that you as our MPP you will support us. When you accomplish this, you will also be supporting our teachers, teachers like Mrs. Tawnya Smith.

Waiting to vote in the next election,

Hope Juscenko

PECI Student