Stories from our past-September 12, 2019

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…



  • Marysburgh Thanksgiving services were held in St. Philip’s church, Milford and St. John’s, Waupoos on Sunday, September 5. In spite of the threatening and showery weather there was a good attendance, especially at Waupoos. Both churches were very prettily decorated with fruit, flowers and grain.
  • Captain Welbanks, Queen Street, met with a very unfortunate accident, the result of which will lay him up some time. He was picking pears on his farm on the Bloomfield Road. Falling out of the tree, he fractured two or three ribs.
  • Now that harvest is over, everybody in Bongard’s is looking forward with expectancy to Picton Fair Days. This is an institution that every farmer in the county should be proud of. We own the finest grounds and buildings and spend the most money in prizes of any Agricultural Society of like size in the Dominion.


  • H.A. Rawlins of Bridge Street, Picton, at noon on Monday received orders to report for service at Halifax. He was on the reserve of the British Navy. The call was unexpected and gave Mr. Rawlins only three hours notice.
  • When England is at war, the flame of patriotism burns high in the hearts of local people. This has been evidenced during the past four days in a stirring fashion, as a steady stream of men has gone to the local Armouries to voluntarily offer everything that a man can offer.
  • Council offers every cooperation with military authorities in order to have regiment established in winter quarters in Picton – suggest possibility of moving market to Elizabeth Street premises, yacht club also possibility as barracks.


  • The Riot Act was read in Picton Saturday night and two people have been charged following a fracas at Prince Edward County Fair. Charged are 28 year old Gary Heffernan of the Picton district and Jean Paul Boudreault, 21, an employee of the midway.
  • Two youths will appear in court in Picton today and will be arraigned on charges involving the theft of several thousands of dollars from a Consecon branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia.
  • On Saturday, Sept. 13, a plaque will be erected commemorating the late Angus LeHeup, town foreman. The Delhi Athletic Field will be re-named in Mr. LeHeup’s honour.


  • One of the many attractions at the Cherry Valley celebration was a display of bird houses and feeders by Prince Edward County Conservation Authority.
  • Gardiner’s Supermarket Limited, Picton, is now leasing space for its new, ultra-modern shopping complex, the Gardiner Plaza.
  • Things start happening at the fairgrounds on East Main Street, Picton, Friday afternoon and continue through until about five o’clock on Sunday. But before the general public attends to enjoy the varied entertainment and the wonderful array of exhibits, officers and directors of the society, volunteers and exhibitors will have been working hard to set up displays.