In-depth and unbiased coverage of beef farm plan appreciated

Congratulations to the Picton Gazette on your in-depth/unbiased coverage of Frank Stronach’s organic beef endeavour (Stronach proposes organic beef farm, 10,000 sq. ft. Abattoir for South Marysbugh, The Picton Gazette, Sept. 12, 2019).

I have two observations.

South Shore Joint Initiative spokesperson, Cheryl Anderson caused, I suspect, PEC farmers’ eyes to roll and heads to shake with her assertion that the organic beef producers would acquire much of the necessary hay and grain from elsewhere in Ontario.

Couldn’t happen Cheryl.

The farmers growing and supplying this quality hay and grain would sell for a respectable profit. The trucking companies would haul for a respectable profit. The inevitable result would be prohibitively expensive finished steers which Frank Stronach would not buy. Or, the organic farmer sells them at a loss thus putting himself/herself and family out of business.

My second point.

Based on Cheryl’s description of the proposed abattoir site’s ecological importance I would be thumbs down on the venture.

Bill Watt,