Stories from our past – September 19, 2019

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…



  • Prince Edward has a classy “rep” for apples. Two hundred dollars prize money captured at the Toronto fair by county growers strengthens this reputation. Messrs. Harry Dempsey, Earl Weese and P. Peck of Rednersville, sent the juicy fruit to Toronto, that won them fame and filled their jeans with coin.
  • The county road is finished from Mountain View to marsh bridge, north of Howard Anderson’s. This is about $1,000 a mile. That between Picton and Bloomfield cost $1,500 a mile.
  • Mrs. Dayton, a lady of advanced years, who resides with her daughter, Mrs. David Welbanks, at the Post Office residence, fell down stairs and was seriously hurt. It is not believed any bones were broken but the shock to her nervous system was very great.


  • Shortly, the newly enlisted recruits will be seen marching about in three ranks instead of two, as the two-rank formation, and the command “form fours,” has been dropped right out of the militia lexicon.
  • Corn is coming in steadily to the two Picton factories, the Old Homestead and the Kinney plant. Recent rains helped the crop and reports state it’s a good one. Though canning of corn started a short time ago, it’s not until this next week there has been any great rush.
  • Hundred thousand British troops in France – French drive Germans back to Seigfried line – Britain continues propaganda raids – German air raiders repulsed by Britain – German battleships attacked – Poles show great resistance with Warsaw being attacked


  • Tenders may be called as early as next month for the complete demolition of York Street school and the partial removal of Mary Street school, clerk – treasurer Andrew Jarvis said.
  • Convalescing at his cottage on the old Stark farm, Salmon Point, was Al Siviter. Mr. Siviter, who is a hydro linesman in Toronto, fell from a 30-foot hydro pole onto his head when his safety belt snapped. He was saved from more serious injury by a safety helmet.
  • Scoharie News – We regret Gerald Huff suffered a painful accident on Tuesday and suffered a badly cut leg requiring twenty stitches to close the wound.


  • Gardiner’s Supermarket Limited, Picton, is now leasing space for its new, ultra-modern shopping complex, the Gardiner Plaza. It will be Prince Edward County’s largest shopping mall under one roof.
  • Reid Boles, 20, RR 4, Picton, was travelling in an easterly direction along Highway 33 at 2:45 a.m. when he swerved to miss a dog in the roadway and hit the north shoulder. His vehicle continued after hitting a pole into a field and rolled.
  • The balance of 140 off-shore laborers needed immediately to assist harvesting operations in Prince Edward County will arrive this week says Jack Ellis (MP Prince Edward-Hastings).