WCIA also has distinguished legacy in Prince Edward County

Fair and democratic process took a hit at the Sept. 10th council meeting when the Greer Pit application was approved. Council was clearly struggling with the lack of testing and content with the Greer pit application. Local residents and our Association are rightly concerned that more stringent testing and regulation are required before any go ahead be given.

However, in his comments before the vote was taken the mayor said, ”I’m comforted by the fact this operation is being run by a long standing local family who have 200 years of heritage and history in the municipality. Also, a family who have done their bit for the community. If this application had come forward by another entity, another company, coming from, perhaps, away, I think we would all have more concern.”

If the mayor needed comforting over this decision then it wasn’t ready for approval. If an applicant can get a proposal passed not by the merit of the application then we in the County of Prince Edward have a problem.

The Warings Creek Improvement Association have also done their ‘bit’ in this community.

We have spent the last 25 years protecting the Warings Creek, surrounding watershed and water supply, from bad policy, made by backward thinking just like this.

Frank Stronach is proposing a 10,000 square foot abattoir in South Marysburgh. It might ‘comfort’ those in opposition to this plan to know there is a good shot it won’t get passed by virtue of the fact that Mr. Stronach is from ‘away’.

The mayor’s statement was insulting to the residents of this community both new and old. The man at the top has informed us that there is a two tier system in Prince Edward County. This is an old and tired way of business here and the statement is resignation worthy.

Council can and should have done better than this.

Cheryl O’Brien

Waring’s Creek Improvement Association