Epstein’s experiences a stain on seemingly ‘utopian’ County

There’s no question that racism and discrimination aren’t solely big-city problems, as evidenced by last weekend’s heart-rending article by Talia Epstein. A must-read that comes from personal experience, it is both mentally and emotionally difficult to read about how she had to endure the taunts, intolerance and bullying – all while simply trying to get an education. Her straightforward account of the “insider versus outsider” mentality is truly a wakeup call for us all.

Despite her account of the ugly slurs and bullying she was subjected to, she remains optimistic about living in the County. As she highlighted in, My Future is Prince Edward County, posted by peopleofpec (September 17th), “This is a chance for all of us to broaden our horizons and learn about things and people we might never have had the chance to. I know that the County is capable of being the most amazing place on earth, and it hurts to see that potential not being reached.”

Thankfully there are organizations stepping up to the plate in an effort to expand those horizons. One example is the September 29th celebration of Rosh Hashanah hosted by Cressy United Outreach.

For Talia, we can only hope she’s able to retain her tenacity and optimistic spirit about her future in the County, one where she can confidently build a career and raise a family “in a place that lets them be proudly Jewish and proudly PEC.”

I believe it is possible, but will require acknowledgement, acceptance and, dare we hope, embracement of a changing community, Canada and world.

Lorraine Wilson

Prince Edward County