Young accusers have no knowledge of recent history

Re: Gazette editorial  September 19, 2019 Hatred, bigotry and anti-semitism have no place in Prince Edward County

While the headline got my immediate attention, I was not prepared for the vile remarks directed at a teenage student at PECI. It was a shocking example of cruel harassment and spite.

It appears these young accusers have no knowledge of recent history. It reminds me of the true account of Kasper ten Boom, an 85 year old Dutch watchmaker in Harlem Holland. When Nazis Germany invaded Holland in May 1940,the Gestapo  immediately began arresting  high profile professional Jews. Word quickly spread in the Jewish community, that in order to remain safe one needed to hide.

The Ten boom family built a secret room in their large house and shop. They then arranged with the Dutch underground to provide comfort and safety to fleeing Jews. In a little over two years, approx. 400- 500 Jews passed through the safe house, until the family was betrayed  and arrested.

On the day that the Nazis were in Harlem, they summoned all Jews to assemble in the town square to receive a “Yellow Star” to be attached to their outer garment! Kasper ten Boom stood nearby watching fellow citizens being labelled and he was overheard to say, “I feel sorry for them!” The person next to him said ,”For the Jews?”  “No” Kasper continued, “for the Germans. They have touched the apple of God’s eye” (Psalm 17:8).

That was a prophetic statement, as five years later, Germany lay in ruins; its cities destroyed with  several million dead, and the conquering Russian Red Army from the east, creating havac and terror, while raping its way through the fallen nation.

My words to the young  accusers/harassers are, “Be very careful with how you are behaving and what you are saying. It will have consequences you may not like.  My advice is to hurry to the person you have verbally wounded and quickly apologize and seek forgiveness. You’ll be eternally glad you did.

Robert C. Wilson