Stories from our past – October 5, 2019

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…



  • Maggie O’Reiley, a quaint old woman, who lives on Union Street, narrowly escaped asphyxiation. Tradition, as well as very prosaic facts, tell you that Maggie O’Reiley has a fondness for the cup that cheers.
  • The visit of the Belleville teachers on Friday was the feature event of the Prince Edward Teachers’ Convention. They arrived in town at ten o’clock after a pleasant three hour trip down the bay on the steamer Varuna.
  • The annual Chicken Pie Dinner at Salmon Point proved a decided success. Rev. Clair, Bloomfield, gave a very interesting talk on “The Way We Should Live”. The Cherry Valley choir furnished the music and Miss Clara Hineman gave a comic recitation, which was much appreciated.


  • Demorestville Fair is being held today (Wednesday) and the usual successful show is expected. In the main building will be exhibited fruit, flowers, ladies’ work, cooking and other articles, while livestock find their place in pens and beneath the trees.
  • Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment has been brigaded in the First Infantry Brigade of the First Division of the Canadian Active Service Force, for overseas service.
  • Picton returned to Standard Time at midnight on Saturday and those in town enjoyed an extra hour of sleep Sunday morning. The majority of cities and towns observed Daylight Saving Time until the last Sunday in September which was the 24th.


  • Residents of Fawcettville subdivision in the northeast end of Picton are going to get street lighting under local improvements bylaw. A petition bearing the correct number of names was submitted to Hallowell township clerk John Mallory recently.
  • Pot-luck supper in the parish Hall of St. Mary Magdalene Church Monday evening, followed the annual Harvest Festival service on Sunday when there was an unusually large congregation.
  • Picton’s low-rental housing is moving ahead by leaps and bounds. Sponsored by the Ontario Housing Corp., project superintendent Robert Charlebois expects the 30 family units, now under construction, will be completed a week ahead of schedule.


  • Picton Mayor Don King was on hand Thursday to welcome Marvin Chapman into the town’s business community. Flowers By Marvin, 307 Main St., will offer complete floral services, according to it’s owner.
  • The engineering firm of Robert O. McEwen and Associates Ltd., has been brought to a standstill in the designing of plans on revitalization of downtown Picton because the municipality has no surveyed maps.
  • Town Council has asked the MNR to forward a plan of all Picton Bay registered water lots within the town limits to provide an idea of public space on the bay.