The Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment welcomes new Honorary Colonel

The Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment is proud to announce the appointment of Justice Robert Lawson Graydon as our Honorary Colonel.

Justice Graydon’s family has long been a part of Prince Edward County’s fabric with services to the Crown and country as their foundation.

Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment Honorary Col. Justice Robert Graydon. (Submitted Photo)

Before being appointed to the bench in East Region, Graydon practiced law in Picton for many years.

Tracing the Graydon family military lineage back to the pre-Confederation Fenian Raids through his father’s service with the Regiment during the Italian Campaign in World War II and later as the Regiment’s Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel is a testament to Justice Graydon’s personal and familial devotion to Canada’s military.

Justice Graydon also served in the Canadian Armed Forces as a reservist, initially as an infantry officer and later as a legal officer, all while serving his community and the province as a lawyer and judge.

The Canadian tradition of appointing honoraries to units originated with the British military but has only been in practice in Canada for a little over a century.

The Honorary rank is seen to be the guardian of Regimental traditions and history, promoting the unit’s identity and ethos and being an advisor to the Commanding Officer.

Honorary members work behind the scenes and provide needed support that would otherwise not be available.

The Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment is an Army Reserve infantry unit within 33 Canadian Brigade Group. The Regiment is tasked to generate operationally capable, ethical soldiers to support CAF operations.

A historic outfit that can trace its origins back to pre-Dominion defence of British North America during the war of 1812, the Regiment focuses on training, force generating and sustaining effective, relevant multi-purpose capable soldiers and sub-units in order to meet all assigned tasks.

The Regiment has the unique task to produce specialist infantry soldiers, assault pioneers, in support of our regular force counterparts.

The Regiment, known affectionately as the “Hasty P’s”, has three garrison locations across central Ontario in the towns of Belleville, Peterborough and Cobourg and has fought in every major engagement Canada has been involved in even before confederation. The Hasty P’s were awarded  have been awarded 42 Battle Honours and won more Battle Honours than any other Canadian Regiment in World War II.

Hcol Graydon is a welcomed addition to The Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment and will no doubt continue the traditions of this proud unit. His appointment is a continuation of his personal and familial legacy of service to the Crown and country.

– Submitted by Major Roy van den Berg, Commanding Officer, The Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment.