In memory of our husband, father and poppa Paul McConnell
Beloved husband although you can’t be here with me we are truly not apart,
Until the final breath I take you’ll be living in my heart.
~ ~ ~
In memory of our Dad
You never looked for praises, were never one to boast
You were always there for the ones you loved the most
You worked so hard, those strong working hands led us through life, helped us understand life can be hard, tough and sad but through it all we had our Dad
Because of you we understand that life was pretty good, we believe in you and will follow your path, when things go wrong we’ll look back and laugh I hope you can hear us so we can let you know that you were and forever will be our Superhero
Yesterday was full of sorrow but we will smile a little more with each tomorrow
Please Dad be at rest and know to us you were the best.
~ ~ ~
In memory of our Poppa
You left us beautiful memories
Your love is still our guide
And although we cannot see you
You are always by our side
Forever loved Kathy, Candace, Christy, Jordan, Carter and Carson