McMASTER, Dennis

Dennis McMaster
October 13, 2018
In memory of a true and loyal friend.
Having a soulmate is not always about love you can have a soulmate in a friendship too.
Your friendship was a blessing I never thought you’d go,
We shared so many good times
You brightened up my days,
You brought me so much happiness
With your find and funny ways,
You lifted up my spirits
When I was feeling blue,
No matter what was happening
You knew just what to do,
We enjoyed our coffee chats and sat beneath the sun
Walked barefoot on the beach
Oh, we had such fun,

Through all the ups and downs of life
The good times and the sad
From college days to golden years
The best friend I ever had.
Always in my heart
Meet you in Parking Lot 10
Miss Elson