Stories from our past – October 10, 2019

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…



  • The dance given on Friday night in the Vandusen Hall, by the young bachelors was a very jolly success. The weather conditions being cool , made dancing pleasant. .
  • Mr. John Walmsley, acting manager of the Old Homestead Canning factory, will, it is feared, lose the sight of one eye, as the result of an accident on Tuesday night.
  • Mr. James Hooper, M.A., left yesterday for Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he has received an appointment on the staff of the Agricultural College.


  • Beginning last Wednesday, all members of Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment take their meals at the armouries. Local men still room in Picton homes but the Madoc company is billeted in the basement of the armouries. A few of the Madoc men lack uniforms.
  • Douglas Werden, 21 months old son of Mr and Mrs James Werden, is progressing favourably in Prince Edward County Hospital from injuries received when he fell from a third story window to the sidewalk on Main Street.
  • For the first time, grapes are bing canned in the county. The Colliver & Leavens factory at Cherry Valley is canning a quantity of grapes.


  • Picton Mayor Harvey J. McFarland said in council Monday night that he hears they are serving chicken and beefsteak to prisoners at the jail in this town. “It was never like that when I was in jail,” declared his worship. “I got beans or a cold glass of water, that was all.”
  • Wartime resistance leader Dr. Albert Guerisse, a.k.a. ‘Pat O’Leary’, will be the banquet speaker Saturday night at the Prince Edward Yacht Club.
  • Prince Edward County Board of Education is considering the possibility of constructing a new elementary-secondary school complex at Kente.


  • In spite of the massive devastation of downtown Picton in one of the worst fires remembered by Picton Fire Department officials, not one single injury was reported. An ambulance was at the scene to provide emergency aid if required.
  • With 15 years of experience in the optical business, W.J. (Bill) Cannons brings the first optical dispensing store to Prince Edward County. The Picton Optical Vision Centre officially opened at 255 Main Street, Picton, where A.E. Grubbins operated for nearly 50 years.
  • A presentation of Autumn-time ’79 brought the stage of the Regent Theatre, Picton, alive with the vibrant colours and styles of all for fashion conscious women of Prince Edward County. It was the second annual fashion show sponsored by the Counter Weight group of Picton.