Turbine site destruction will lead to further fossil fuel pollution

As a land owner for turbine nine of the White Pines Wind Farm, I feel there is a need to correct the misleading information that continues to come from the mouths of a few anti green/anti wind/climate change deniers.

I have owned my farm since 1986 and have spent many hours enjoying the beautiful surroundings. I know what wildlife lives on this land and I know  there are no Blandings turtles there and never have been.

It is rocky, dry, scrubland with no aquatic life that would be necessary to feed Blandings, or any other type of turtle.  There is no stream, no river, no marsh and no pond.

My property is also not a place for migratory birds either. Many birds  head for water, and there is none on my farm. My land was suppose to be the area of greatest concern for Blandings turtles so if mine has none, I highly doubt any of the other turbine sites have any.

Not one landowner has ever seen a turtle on their property.

As far as “Returning the land to its previous state” not only is this absolutely absurd it’s 100 per cent impossible. Why would I be so stupid as to want  to remove an access road that has allowed myself and my tenant farmer to get to the fields easily?

There has been a through road on my property for more than 150 years but was poorly maintained. Now I have a usable dirt road. As landowners we will decide individually what will be done on our lands, I have chosen to do the least amount of damage as possible to any area of land that has quickly adapted to any disruption caused by the construction of our beautiful wind farm.

Once the actual  blades and towers have been dismantled,  and are no longer visible to their eyes,  the antis will try to fool everyone and themselves. “If you can’t see them it must be all done and over, Right?” This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Now the horrific and disgusting work begins. Hoe rams trying to smash and drill apart 57 tons of solid mass per turbine base. A thousand dumptrucks filled  with debris are loaded and taken  onto the roadways to be dumped in a different location where  more months of  deafening, fossil fuel burning machines continue the process of crushing this massive amount of concrete and iron. This spews more fossil fuel into our air as they are transported to a place where people are smart enough to see that renewable wind energy is the way of the future.

It took ten years to put this wind farm together and complete it to the point where it could  have been creating enough clean energy to power half the homes in the County.  It took a very long time to prepare the sites, to lay down the turbine parts and, after years of preparation, it was then a matter of assembling the pieces that were on the ground. This made it look like wpd was rushing to put them together when in actual fact it took years. Assembling them was not the time consuming part,  is was the behind the scenes prep work that took so long.  They went up at that point fairly quickly because they were ready. It was never ” rushed ” in any way as I have heard unknowing people say in the attempt to make wpd look bad.

As I am leaving Halifax by train after  participating in the massive Climate Strike, I have renewed hope there will be a green future- the entire world is waking up to the need for change. Countries are building wind farms  all over.

The  County is the only place, ever in history,  backwards enough to tear them down,

In the words of Greta


Jen Ackerman