Ecologically sensitive South Shore wrong place for wind turbines

To the Editor,
People who still believe that building turbines on our South Shore would be of benefit to the world as well as themselves are mistaken.  Yes, to end fossil fuel use we will need new wind and water energy technologies designed to provide energy to cities, not just profits for a few corporations.
But where should they go?
Certainly not on the last undeveloped shoreline on Lake Ontario.  The climate crisis demands that we use every remaining space of natural biodiversity to save our planet in order to preserve ourselves as well as nature. These natural lands can remove carbon dioxide by absorbing and storing it. Natural climate solutions include protecting and restoring forests and wetlands, planting vegetation where we have removed it.  Planting trees needs to be a priority.
The White Pines project Decommissioning plan, agreed to by the Province, provides for the turbines to be removed in the next month.  It also states that the land owners and wpd will decide whether the cement bases and access roads will be removed or left on their fields.
They could be bases for new barns to store food for people rather than crops for industrial processing.
When air freight from California, Mexico and China is cut, Canadians will depend on the County once again for the fruits and vegetables that we grew in the past.
The County can be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.
Myrna Wood