Stories from our past-October 31, 2019

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…



  • The very fine entire horse, belonging to Mr. Ed. Boulter, died about nine o’clock Sunday morning, from an unknown cause. This horse was imported from France and was one of the finest types of Percheron. It is a most serious issue.
  • An interesting missionary talk on Africa, illustrated with limelight views was given in the Parish House on Friday evening.
  • The Women’s Institute held its October meeting in the vestry of the Methodist Church and was well attended. An excellent reading entitled “Hulloa” was read by Mrs. John Miller.


  • The Baxter Canning Company at Bloomfield is making preparations to can pork and beans at their factory. This was done during the last war by several Picton factories.
  • The local corps of the Salvation Army is holding a War Service tag day in Picton on Saturday, proceeds to be used to further the war work.
  • After a six months’ course at the Trenton Air Station, 41 pilot officers of the Royal Canadian Air Force left the base Friday. Full-fledged in every sense of the word, the new officers left for various stations throughout Canada.


  • Prince Edward County Chamber of Commerce has decided that any decision by merchants to remain open on Wednesday afternoons during the tourist season, is one for the merchants and their respective municipalities to decide.
  • Wellington’s new sub-division will be known as Wellington Mews. Construction of the sub-division’s five model homes can be seen at the site just west of Wellington.
  • A meeting of the Burr Cemetery Company was held on Thursday evening, October 23, in Huffman Hall, Burrs, for the purpose of electing a slate of officers.


  • Doris Lane, of Picton, wife of town lawyer William Lane, was elected president of the Prince Edward-Hastings Federal Liberal Riding Association at the annual meeting held Friday evening in Belleville.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bongard, of Consecon, had a distinguished visitor last week when Canada’s oldest living man, David Trumble, of Northbrook, visited his great, great, great niece and nephew.
  • The Belleville strike and appearance of picketers at the Picton outlet of Wilson Automotive Ltd. Monday morning has not seriously affected business at the local auto parts supply outlet.