Why we should be celebrating wpd dismantling

Instead of lamenting, as some are doing, the dismantling of the White Pines project, we should all be celebrating. Everyone should be able to agree on the following two reasons to celebrate the decommissioning.

The first reason would be some needed relief for electricity ratepayers in Ontario. The most likely scenario is the purchaser of the White Pines turbines will use them at a project outside the Province of Ontario. Eliminating the requirement to purchase the surplus to our needs and expensive electricity generated by the project will save Ontario ratepayers a significant sum over the coming years.

The second reason to celebrate would be that if the turbines find their way to a jurisdiction where they may do some good. Wind turbines do not reduce any CO2 emissions in Ontario. Most electricity generation in Ontario comes from sources that do not emit CO2. Wind turbines deployed in Ontario have displaced electricity generation from non-emitting sources.

Better the turbines go somewhere they still use primarily coal or oil to generate electricity. In those locations, the turbines may improve the situation by possibly reducing some CO2 emissions at existing plants.

Debby Cermak