All Canadians have a role to ensure values are upheld

This whole Don Cherry scandal is another case study of the problem with the current public discourse.

There are elements of truth on both sides of the aisle. Firstly, Don was obviously wrong to single out new Canadians as a whole for not appreciating and showing respect to those who sacrificed for the kind of life we now enjoy.

Secondly, I think we can also say that society as a whole, is increasingly guilty of this. The further we get away from those important lessons of the past, the easier it becomes to take our way of life for granted, and stray back to the dangerous ideas that continuously bring us into conflict and near annihilation.

Putting a poppy on is not nearly enough to pay respect and gratitude to our service men and women. Creating a welcoming, right and just society, that those who fought and sacrificed for would seem more important.

All Canadians have a role to play in ensuring that our values are upheld and shown as an example to both new immigrants and everyone else around the world. Sowing division with talk of us vs them takes us in the wrong direction. We need to be working together to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our current discourse indicates that we may be moving further away from cooperation and back towards our seemingly cyclical need for a hard lesson.

I’m sure Don is sorry to have taken the spotlight off of those who deserve our respect and placed it on himself and he should be. Ultimately though, we all shoulder responsibility as caretakers of our society.

Perhaps we all, myself included, need to look in the mirror and ask if we’re living up to those values we claim to have.

Gavin Vader

Cherry Valley