I wish to send

I wish to send out a very sincere thank-you to all the brave firefighters who put out the house fires in Ameliasburgh on October 16. I am especially grateful to them for risking their safety to save my cat (now recovered!) and so many of my possessions. You are awesome! I am also extremely grateful to all of the following: My wonderful neighbours who moved and stored my things, lent me clothes and a cat carrier, and who continue to be so caring and helpful – especially Denise, my mail “watcher” they have kindly organized a benefit for me and my neighbour, Isabelle, who also lost her home and one of her dear cats. Thank you too to the anonymous passerby who stopped to help and made sure my neighbour got out safely; Dr. James and the staff of the Prince Edward Animal Hospital who treated my cat and cared for her until I could move her to my new temporary home; Tammy Bryant who bought me new clothes, and the volunteers at Second Time Around, especially Janet Bryant, who gave me many items free of charge; All my friends who have given their support and help, particularly Helen and Bob Williams, who sheltered my dog and I the first week and treated us like family; The writers of Writers Unblocked who showered me with gifts on my birthday; And last but not least, Bev Skidmore, who gave me a fully equipped and furnished house to rent until mine is rebuilt, and has gone out of her way to see to my comfort and well-being. Each and every one of you is truly amazing, and make me proud to call The County my home. Thank You! Lynne Grist