Decision to discontinue Christmas tree at Cenotaph appalling

To the grinches who stole Christmas:

I was appalled to read that a decision was made to discontinue the Christmas tree on the Cenotaph triangle.

This tree is a long-standing tradition for both Picton and the County. For me, it is a Christmas tree that I delight seeing when shopping at the nearby grocery and thrift stores. It is a sight that I warmly enjoy.

For others, it is a special Christmas tree for the soldiers commemorated on the Cenotaph stones.

To suddenly be told that this tree is disrespectful to those courageous people is nothing less than outrageous.

Choosing a tree (albeit live) at the back of the Shire Hall parkette—where it will be seen far fewer times—is a very poor decision indeed.

Why was this decision made so quickly when so many other serious County issues linger in limbo?

Conrad Biernacki

Black River