Rush to dismiss Cherry evidence of double standard

My  compliments to the Gazette Editor for his in-depth editorial on the dismissal/firing  of Don Cherry from Coach’s Corner (The Picton Gazette Nov. 14- Grapes best before date had been coming for some time).

In my opinion, it was a rush to judgement; with management at Rogers Inc. capitulating to the social media firestorm which within minutes, was calling for his dismissal; while overwhelming the broadcast standards website with complaints.

It  was an amazing response; but was it from hockey fans who actually watch Coach’s Corner, or was it the coordinated effort of the social justice warriors and politically correct bullies who merely joined the  frenzy to have Cherry fired?

It’s interesting to note that a well known public figure who dressed in ‘black-face’ on multiple occasions did not receive a  firestorm of concern or demands that he step down.

Just the opposite.

He was rewarded.

This is the classic  “double standard’

Don Cherry will be missed.

Robert C. Wilson