Stories from our past-November 28, 2019

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…



  • The dreaded San Jose Scale has made its appearance in Prince Edward County. So far, as is known, it came from the nurseries from which the apple and plum trees affected were imported.
  • Everything in Consecon quiet owing to the evaporator being closed and the fishing being stopped for the present, and ducking being closed or about so, makes it quiet.
  • The Picton-Deseronto mail stage line is again making regular daily trips with headquarters at Herrington’s livery.


  • The Picton Collegiate and Vocational Institute Cadet Corps visited Picton Armories on Wednesday afternoon. They drilled there under the supervision of Sergt.-Major Dadds.
  • Athol War Emergency Committee will entertain the soldiers on Tuesday evening next at the recreation room of the market, providing entertainment and refreshments.
  • Mr. Clarence Mallory, real estate agent, Bloomfield, reports a pick-up in real estate inquiries, having recently sold the Annie Ward farm at Waring’s Corners to Fred Dunning, Bloomfield.


  • Collapse of the fishing Hay Bay in the 1960s and its effect on the tourist trade is being studied and much of the trouble may be the effects of D.D.T.
  • Resident Representative for Piasecki Aircraft, Walter Symmons, said this week that the purchase agreement between the Philadelphia based helicopter company and the Crown Assets Corporation will be finalized next week, involving about 650 acres of land, part of the former Camp Picton.
  • Winds of gale-like proportions swept the County and district on Wednesday. A total of .18 inches rain was recorded in Picton.


  • Over $5,000 damage is believed to have been done to the old Simon Cemetery in Ameliasburgh Township when vandals destroyed 80 per cent of the grave stones.
  • Construction should begin next month to replace three town hill “eyesores” in Picton with an attractive modern plaza featuring a new Becker’s Milk store.
  • The former Picton A&P store holds real potential to house an indoor Prince Edward County swimming pool, according to one interested ratepayer. Though not a member of the county Swimming Pool Committee, Mike Tilden, Bridge St., Picton, asserted Monday that it would be “ridiculous to try to compete with beaches with an outdoor summer swimming pool.