Trudeau proving ‘cavalier’ on Israel protective border wall

Last week to both surprise and shock, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reversed Canada’s’ long standing policy of decades of standing up for Israel by supporting a United Nations resolution sponsored by North Korea condemning Israel’s protective border wall as an attack on Palestinian rights.

The resolution made no mention of Hamas terrorism, violent Intifadas, and deadly rockets fired regularly into Israel from Gaza and Syri.

All other nations supporting the resolution are part of a huge UN voting block of mainly Communist and Muslim nations; led by dictators who hate Israel. Last year alone The UN General Assembly passed twenty-one resolutions condemning Israel, compared to a grand total of six for all other nations on the planet.

In an interview last week, retired MP Dr. James Lunney indicated that part of the reason for the hatred towards Israel is that it’s the only democracy in Middle East; with tremendous successes in technology,(they invented the USB stick) Nobel prizes, the development of new drugs, advances in Agriculture, while being surrounded by dictators who rule sometimes in a brutal manner, and whose citizens are bombarded daily with propaganda which calls for hatred of Israel, and its destruction.

Trudeau, in his cavalier position on Israel, is probably unaware of its spiritual significance. One small verse in the Bible, would have helped to guide him in his decision. That verse in Genesis 12:3, notes God’s promise to Abraham and his descendants “I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

As one scholar said“You would think the national leader who reads that verse would do anything to hinder the blessings and prosperity of the Jewish people-God has a perfect track record for keeping His promises.”

Our MP-Mr. Neil Ellis will most likely, support the Prime Minister’s decision.

It’s interesting to note the Leader of the Opposition wants to give his full support to Israel, and has expressed the view that Canada should move its Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

A sad day for Canada, as well as an embarrassment.

Robert C. Wilson