Letter to the Editor: Marina proposal does little to inspire confidence in vision

Your cover story on December 5, 2019 entitled “Public-Private Partnership Proposed for Picton Marina” causes me alarm. I find this project to be a complete non-starter as Mr. Thompson’s proposal is not ready for consideration.

In stating this, I completely echo the two sentiments offered by Councillor Stewart Bailey; namely the water-intake for the city and its addressing of the environmental impact given the declaration of a Climate Emergency. Mr. Thompson responded to both issues with a statement to the effect that “I have not gone into great detail about that […] I do not have an exact plan here for you today.”

That Council would even consider this proposal until the appropriate homework is done and presented in a level of detail that addresses and resolves these two issues is premature. Council should reject this proposal completely without it.

That the proposal ignores our water quality and our environmental impact is stunning. Mr. Thompson needs to do his homework.


Danny Celovsky,