State of Wellington beach should be disturbing to all constituents

After reading the article (Woes of Wellington Beach brought before council, The Picton Gazette Dec. 5, 2019) describing the deputation to council on the state of Wellington Beach I was surprised by the language used to describe action or inaction by council and staff. I have had the pleasure of working with our councillor and county staff over the last nine months and have found helpful and supportive intervention when needed.

I am not familiar with the plight of Wellington beach nor of the activities or lack action leading up to the frustrations reported in the Gazette.

I have found county staff very receptive to helping volunteer work and workers. It sounds like mediation is needed to get the various stakeholders to begin a dialogue to turn an ugly situation into a win-win for all parties.

Judging by what has been reported in the article there appears to be several initiatives that have not achieved their targets and multiple stakeholders/jurisdictions are involved which further complicates matters. I am thankful we have not felt the same in the ward I live in, however it is disturbing that a situation like this would be allowed to fester. After all I live in the same municipality under the same ground rules.

Eric De Pauw,

South Bay