JOHNS, Grace

In loving memory of my wife Grace Johns who left us one year ago, December 22, 2018
I feel your warmth around me like your presence is so near.
And I close my eyes to visualize your face when you were here.
I endure the times we spent together, and they are locked inside my heart
As long as I have those memories we will never be apart.
Even though we cannot speak anymore, my voice is always there,
because every night before I sleep, I have you in my prayer.
Always in my heart and forever missed, your loving husband  Joe.
In loving remembrance of our mother Grace Johns who passed away on December 22, 2018.
If Roses grow in Heaven,
Lord please pick a bunch for us,
Place them in our Mother’s arms
and tell her they’re from us.
Tell her we love her and miss her,
and when she turns to smile,
place a kiss upon her cheek
and hold her for awhile.
Because remembering her is easy,
We do it every day,
but there’s an ache within our hearts
that will never go away.
Forever missed and always in our hearts, Wayne and Linda, Sharon and Jim, Patricia, Katherine and Carolyn.