Stories from our past-January 9th, 2020

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…



  • The Provincial Department of Agriculture has issued a warning against dishonesty in packing fruit, which was fairly prevalent during the past season. “It is as if our packers had forgotten the lessons of the past, said P.W. Hodgetts, head of the Horticultural Department.
  • Waupoos was on a whirl of gaiety during the Christmas holidays. Last week there were four concerts to attend, two in thew I.O.F., one in the town hall and one in Cressy. They were all good.
  • A special report has just reached Montreal from Perth to the effect that a Picton apple shipper may be prosecuted. The apples were of an inferior grade and not up to the brand on the barrel heads.


  • Exactly two weeks to the day they left Picton, members of Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment disembarked in England. On Sunday evening, December 17th, more than 800 men in khaki marched through Picton streets lined with crowds to the station, en route to Britain.
  • It is understood that Picton’s Arm Chair Club held its annual meeting at the Yacht Club on Saturday evening. That the club is in good financial standing, after balancing the year’s budget including the cost of an excellent dinner Saturday night.
  • Mr. R.D. Graham of Toronto has taken charge of Inrig’s drug store as manager. Major Jas. Inrig having been called for service.


  • New Year’s Eve came and went in Picton and area to the tune of crisp, nippy weather and clear reasonably safe driving conditions.
  • Target date for the completion of Picton’s 30 low rental housing units has been advanced to early February. The attractive homes, under construction by the Ontario Housing Corporation, are located on Disraeli Street.
  • In one of his last official appearances as 1969 Warden of Prince Edward County, George Foster was a special guest at the regular meeting of the Rotary Club last Tuesday.


  • Picton Police Chief Charles Fletcher says he’s concerned over the dangerous ice condition in the Picton Harbour. “It’s very dangerous but children, and some adults, don’t heed the warning,” said Chief Fletcher.
  • The new IGA supermarket and plaza planned for Picton will generate 60 new jobs and have a payroll of $500,000 in disposable incomes to be reinvested in the community, according to mall designers.
  • Renovations at the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital, which began Nov.20, are expected to be completed by the end of January.