Trump fanning flames of war to protect grip on power

Have you realized that when a major world leader – a few American presidents come to mind – start losing public support and confidence, they start a war?

Inevitably, it keeps them in power as ‘the strong man’, and the country lines up against ‘the enemy’. It is a tactic used by powerful leaders since time immemorial to maintain the reins of control over a ‘fearful’ populace.

Sowing seeds of hatred and fear is a power grabbing technique used whenever the ‘strong man’s’ authority is imperiled.

It’s a very effective way for President Trump to deflect focus from his impeachment and the climate crisis. This will almost certainly derail the impeachment proceedings.

Meanwhile he is making the American people public enemy #1 in much of Southeast Asia. He is painting a bull’s-eye on his own people- What a self-serving psychotic mind!

A narcissistic megalomaniac is fanning the flames of terrorism to save his own skin. No wonder there is such anxiety and mental illness in our world today.

This technique – starting a war – is typical of a powerful leader, desperate to retain power, who is losing his grip in his own country. It’s been used many times before.

MO Mulloy

Belleville, ON