Workplace safety a forgotten issue in education negotiations

Congratulations to Napanee Beaver editor Adam Prudhomme for his editorial (More than money at stake during acrimonious education negotiations-The Picton Gazette Dec. 12, 2019) regarding the education negotiations.

It is time someone brought out the issue of classroom safety for both staff and students.

We personally know of a staff member being off work for a period of time after being bitten by a student. and a kindergarten teacher on extended maternity leave for her own safety because of a student throwing furniture when not getting his/her own way.

A teacher may be severely reprimanded for touching a student, yet a student can hit, kick, swear at a staff member or any other thing they might choose to do and there is little consequence. This kind of behaviour is not tolerated in any other workplace, and should not be allowed in the classroom.

H and J Tremeer,

Belleville, ON