Prince Edward County PROBUS Club always open to new members

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Are you retired or semi-retired and like to socialize and participate in activities? Than the PROBUS Club of Prince Edward County (PEC) is the club for you.

Established in Aug. 2018, the club meets monthly to hear guest speakers and discuss club activities.

Social events and group interest activities are ongoing throughout the month and may include, book clubs, bridge marathon, singing, photography, golfing, grey cell stimulators, wine tasting and many more.

With over 4,000 PROBUS Clubs worldwide and 255 clubs in Canada, there are over 38,000 members who utilize these social events and group interest activities.

Annual membership fees are $50 (prorated) plus a one-time registration fee of $10.

This social club of people with like interests hold their membership meetings the second Thurs. of every month.

As said on the PEC PROBUS website, social isolation has become a hot topic since Britain’s Parliament appointed a Minister of Loneliness.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada social connectedness has a positive effect on health.

“People who remain actively engaged in life and connected to those around them are generally happier, in better physical and mental health, and more empowered to cope effectively with change and life transitions.”

As stated on the PEC PROBUS website, most retired or semi-retired people miss the intellectual stimulation, in the broader sense, provided by their former business, professional or executive activities.

with researchers having discovered abundant evidence for the need for retired business and professional people to associate with others of similar vocational or educational backgrounds, this group can help in all those ways.

The rapid growth of the PROBUS movement provides further evidence of the need for this kind of association.

This club is not a service club and they do not fundraise.

For more information on getting in on the fun, please visit or email