Latest export from China a result of unregulated food markets

China’s exports affect the world’s health and GDP no matter what it is.

But, their export in 2002, SARS killed almost 4,000 people including 47 Canadians, many of whom were health workers. It resulted in billions spent on prevention and treatment, billions of lost wages billions of loses to industry.

In 2020, Cornovanvirus again killing people, billions on healthcare and prevention, lose wages, and billions of costs to companies.

All this because of China’s un-regulated, overcrowded and dirty food markets. They did nothing between 2002 and 2020 to address this world threat. They should be compensating the victims and countries, just the same as Boeing or Iran.

All were preventable and all were a result of incompetence, lack of diligence, lack of concern for the out come of their actions.

This is just another reason to buy Canadian stuff.

Brian Mellor

Bloomfield, ON