Over $5,000 raised through annual Feed the Meter campaign

A HEALTHY START Members of the municipality, Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation and program sponsors were on hand at CML Snider on Monday to announce $5,006.66 had been raised for school nutrition programs through the 2019 Feed the Meter campaign. C.M.L. Snider students (from left) Hunter, Chole, Damien, Naylan, Claire and Lucy enjoyed their breakfast while (from back left) Kellie Brace, Vicky Struthers, Maribeth deSnoo and chairman Geoff Cudmore, all from the Learning Foundation, Mayor Steve Ferguson, Steve Everall and Paul Vidito of the Picton Firefighters Association and C.M.L. Snider principal Tine Jones posed for the picture. (Desirée Decoste/Gazette Staff)




The 11th annual Feed the Meter campaign results were distributed and presented Monday morning at CML Snider in Wellington.

For the month of December, motorists using metered parking in Prince Edward County were encouraged to “Feed the Meter” and support the Food for Learning programs at Edward County schools.

For children who might not have a complete breakfast before school or are in need of nutrition during the course of the school day, the program can serve as a connecting link between learning.

Officials, volunteers and students gathered in the designated Food for Learning room at CML Snider school in Wellington to receive their donation to the program.

Students in our local communities attend school hungry every day for a variety of reasons and Food for Learning is able to help provide support to schools to ensure they can offer daily breakfast, lunch and/or snack programs to their students,” said Food for Learning Executive Director Maribeth deSnoo. “Hastings and Prince Edward county schools last year alone served over 1 million meals and/or snacks.”

What we’ve seen through our county is a lot of kids depend on this start of the day with a nutritious meal,” added Mayor Steve Ferguson. “I think for us to support the program and make sure these kids get a reasonable start to the day is pretty important.”

The campaign donates all proceeds collected in parking meters in the county to Food for Learning for these great student nutrition programs.

These nutrition programs in our local schools not only feed students, but also role model healthy eating habits, provide a sense of belonging for students at school and help them be able to focus in the classroom.

My favorite part of this program is the volunteers that work hard to put something in our bellies,” a Grade 4 student said.

In total between sponsorships and donations at the parking meters, total net revenue of the 2019 campaign was $5,006.66