Stories from our past Jan. 30, 2020

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • Wellington – The two Miss Zufelts, also Mrs. Royal Zufelt have arrived home after a visit at Midland with Mrs. Thomas Pierce.
  • An order-in-council was passed on the 13th instant, appointing Mr. Levi Williams of Waupoos, Ont., as Police Magistrate for the Town of Picton and County of Prince Edward, without salary, in the room and stead of the late George Calvin Curry, deceased.
  • Black River Bridge – A number of our boys have gone to Picton to take up the short course in agriculture at the Collegiate. They are, Hume Love, Stewart York, Arthur McKenna, and Eugene Keogh.


  • Ameliasburgh – At the annual school meeting held at the school room, the 27th ult., Mr. Leonard Wood was re-elected trustee. Mr. Robert Tyrer was appointed caretaker. Mr. Jacob Ferguson got the contract to furnish five cords of wood.
  • Big Island – Mr. Charlie Thompson, from the West is visiting at the home of his brother, Mr. W. R. Thompson and the former mother, Mrs. W. E. Thompson. After an absence of 10 years, Mr. Thompson sees many changes.
  • The yearly vestry meeting of St. Andrew’s church, Wellington, was held at the Rectory with a good representation present. Rev. E. N. Grant opened the meeting with prayer. R. D. Leavitt acted as secretary.


  • Special collection of unwanted quantities of DDT is being arranged by Picton’s Public Works Department, according to Clerk Andrew Jarvis. The special pick-up service has been requested by the Ont. Department of Health to ensure proper disposal of pesticides and other substances containing the dangerous product, the use of which has been ruled illegal by special permit.
  • Ted Rutter of Hallowell township was elected chairman of the Prince Edward County Board of Education at its inaugural meeting. Mr. Rutter succeeds Hutton Martin of Athol. Vice-chairman is George Flower of Ameliasburgh Township.
  • There was one pony in Picton who got spring fever a few weeks early. The beast was seen by a number of residents scampering up and down streets in the residential area north of Main Street, including in front of The Gazette office.


  • Jennifer Brown, an English school teacher and a native of Great Chesterford, Saffron Walder, Essex, visiting the David Brown home at 29 Prospect Ave., Picton, left Canada a disappointed woman. She arrived expecting to see a county socked in by snow because he the stories her brother, David, has told her about winter storms here.
  • Trudy Copper, 21, of DiverBelt, Prince Edward Heights, Picton, was travelling in a southerly direction on Union Street when her car rounded a curve in the roadway, struck a nearby vehicle which was then pushed into another parked car. Both vehicles belonged to William McGee and received a total of $1,600 damage. Miss. Copper’s car exceeded $2,000 damage.
  • Omer Derouchie, RR 2 Demorestville, has been appointed Prince Edward County road foreman, succeeding former foreman Ross Benway, who retired last year. Mr. Derouchie was among seven candidates interviewed for the post.